Authentic Sopwith Airplanes and Rotary Engines

KipAero’s full-size, authentic Sopwith airplanes, developed using Sopwith factory drawings, and new production rotary engines will give you that original flying experience of a WWI flying machine. The Sopwith reproduction aeroplanes – 1½ Strutter, Pup, Triplane, and Camel – are available in kit form or assembled. Our goal is to assist the vintage aviation enthusiast by providing the parts and expertise needed to accurately build, restore, repair and maintain your vintage airplane.

Sopwith Strutter full size WW1 aeroplane

Reproduction verses Replica? What’s the difference?

A ‘reproduction’ is exactly like the original produced to factory specifications. A ‘replica’ looks like the original but is not produced to original specifications, size or materials. All of KipAero Sopwith aeroplanes are authentic reproductions.

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