EAA AirVenture 2019

KipAero is returning to EAA AirVenture 2019 exhibiting in Booth #310 near the Vintage area. Inside the period correct, WW1 Bessonneau hanger, a fully functional authentic Sopwith 1½ Strutter fitted with a new production Gnome Monosoupape rotary engine will be on display along with ignition and rotary engine components.

Sopwith Grand Tour

Join us on the Sopwith Grand Tour as we fly the authentic Sopwith 1½ Strutter from Dallas, Texas to Whitman Field, Oshkosh, Wisconsin – a little over 1,100 miles – for EAA AirVenture 2019.

The Sopwith Grand Tour will be flown in 100 mile to 200 mile increments up to two segments flown daily depending on conditions. As a tail dragger, the Sopwith 1½ Strutter requires a grass strip and for overnight stops, a hanger for protection. Along the way, two ground crews will support the plane supplied with fuel, castor oil, tools, spares, and equipment.

EAA Chapters or aviation enthusiasts along the Sopwith Grand Tour route from Dallas to Oshkosh may host the Sopwith and crew. Go to KipAero website under “Contact Us” and complete the form including your airport code. For Facebook users, there is a sign-up form on KipAero’ s wall as well. “We will need a landing site every 100 miles to be prepared for anything that might happen – mainly weather issues or even pilot fatigue” states Lankenau. Planning for the Sopwith Grand Tour will commence in spring 2019 while the Strutter begins test flights.

For more information, contact KipAero at (888) 243-0440.