Aero Documentation

Early Aero Manuals & Drawings

KipAero provides photocopies of original manuals and drawings to assist you on your aero project – engine or rebuilding an entire aeroplane. These are the manuals currently available:


Manual of Clerget Aero-Motors 9Z (110hp) & 9B (130hp) and Their Installation in Various Aircraft H.M. Air Services, London  254pp

Clerget Patent Aero Engines 9B (130hp) & 9BF (150hp), Instructions and List of Parts Gwynnes Ltd, London  101pp


The Care of the 100 h.p. Monosoupape Engine, 9-cylinder Type B2; The Gnome & Le Rhone Engine Company, London  240pp

100 h.p. Mono Engine, Schedule of Spare Parts; H.M Air Ministry, London  36pp

80 h.p. Gnome Engine, Spare Parts List; Daimler Company Ltd, Coventry  13pp


Wright (Hispano 180 & 300 h.p.) Aircraft Engines, Complete Instructions for their Installation, Operation and Maintenance; Wright Aeronautical Corporation, Patterson NJ  78pp

Le Rhone

The Care of the 110 h.p. Le Rhone Engine, 9-cylinder Type J; The Gnome & Le Rhone Engine Company, London  62pp


Instructions for the Installation, Inspection and Maintenance of the U.S.A. Standardized Aircraft Engine; Equipment Division, Signal Corps, U.S.A.  129pp


Handbook of Service Instructions for the Righter Aircraft Engine Model 2-GS-17; Righter Manufacturing Company, Burbank CA  31pp

Other Sources of Early Aero Documentation

Early aero engine documentation:

Early aeroplane drawings: