Sopwith Maintenance Procedures

Pre-flight Check List Sopwith Strutter

Prior to every flight, a thorough inspection is conducted.

Castor oil has a tendency to foul spark plugs, so they’re cleaned and tested before each flight. Even new plugs are tested for proper function before installation.

Simple Green easily removes castor oil

Wipe down the aeroplane after each flight, before the Castor oil gets sticky!

Rotary engines utilize a “full loss” lubrication system. Castor oil is fed to the front cam compartment as well as to the main bearings through the crankshaft. Castor does not mix with petrol, and it is sucked into the cylinders, where it is expelled through the exhaust. Most of it ends up inside the cowling, and on the underside and left lower wing root of the aeroplane. We wipe it off after every flight, but it will continue to drip for several days through all the cracks and crevices.

Minor Sopwith Maintenance Repairs

Perform simple repairs like mending a broken tail skid after hitting a gopher hole.