Aero Engine Rebuilding

Qualified Technicians at KipAero

Any engine rebuild is a time consuming, complicated and expensive project. When working on early  engines, even when manuals are available they rarely show tolerances or torque specifications, let alone proper repair procedures. Compounded with the almost complete unavailability of spare parts, most shops just shake their head. With our years of experience, we not only understand “how”, but also “why” the engine works. We understand the materials, stresses and thermal properties involved and use this knowledge to develop repair procedures, new parts, tolerances and specifications for each engine.

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Curtiss OXX6 Early Aero Engine newly rebuilt by KipAero.

Rebuilt Curtiss OXX-6 engine.

Building A Three-Cylinder Aero Engine

The Aldritt's monoplane known as the Portlaoise Flyer, was the first aeroplane built (1908-09) and flown (1909-10) what is now known as the Republic of Ireland. Its original three cylinder engine did not survive the vestiges of time. No plans or photos are known to exist.

Using an early Wright 4-cylinder aero engine as a starting point, technicians at KipAero designed and built a modified 3-cylinder version, using period methods, materials and components. This project took about five months and around 200 man hours to complete.

We wish to thank the Aldritt team – Teddy Fennelly, Alan Phelan, Tim Costello and Brandon O'Donoghue for inviting KipAero to participate in this historic endeavor.

To watch a time-lapsed engine assembly video, click here.

To watch the arrival of the Portlaoise Flyer in Ireland, click here.


Aldritt three cylinder aero engine