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New Production Parts for Vintage Aero Engines

KipAero provides new parts for aero engines to keep your vintage aeroplane in the air, currently offering ignition, electrical, fuel, and custom parts to the vintage enthusiast. These parts are made by KipAero in Dallas, Texas, USA or in Blenheim, New Zealand by Classic Aero Machining Service. Most are available in stock; however, some items are made-to-order. Please give us a call to see how we can help you with your vintage aero project at (888) 243-0440 toll free US & Canada.

Splitdorf Dixie 800 Magneto cap

Magneto Cap for the Splitdorf Dixie 800 produced by KipAero, a division of Kip Motor Company

Ignition and Electrical Parts

Fuel Parts – Carburettors

Custom Parts