GNOME Monosoupape Type B 9-Cylinder Rotary Engine


GNOME Monosoupape 9-Cylinder Rotary Engine



New production Gnome Monosoupape Type B 9-Cylinder rotary engine manufactured by Classic Aero Machining Service. Fitted to many WW1 aeroplanes including Sopwith Strutter, Avro 504, Nieuport and others. Please allow for 6 months production time. FOB Blenheim, New Zealand, pallet crate. Take advantage of the strong $US dollar and place your order today.

Bore: 110mm x 150mm

Stoke: 150mm (5.9 in)

Power Output: 120 hp at 1150 rpm with 578 ft/lbs torque

Fuel Consumption: 15 US gal/hr (100 Octane Avgas)

Oil Consumption (Total loss system): 2.5 US gal/hr Castor Oil

Air Cooled

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Weight 282 lbs
Dimensions 42.3 × 37.4 × 37.4 in

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