Sopwith Strutter Complete Kit – DUAL CONTROLS


Sopwith 1 ½ Strutter Complete Kit – DUAL CONTROLS



Sopwith 1 1/2 Complete Kit – DUAL Control
This Dual Control Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter Kit, based on the original Sopwith factory drawings,  contains all the wood, metal, and hardware parts to assemble the fuselage, wing, tail, undercarriage, strut, cowl, fuel, oil, and windscreen kits in a DUAL CONTROL configuration for pilot and gunner – in this case, co-pilot. Includes a set of Replicraft Sopwith Strutter drawings. It is estimated to take approximately 2,000 man-hours to assemble.

This kit does NOT include the engine, propeller, covering, flying wires or instrumentation.

This Kit contains the following sub-kits and is made-to-order. Although we inventory metal fittings for these kits, kit components will not be fabricated until receipt of your order and deposit. Please allow 8-12 months based on production backlog and raw material availability.
Dual Control Kit contains pulleys, cables, fairleads, joysticks, rudder pedal bars, air brake controls, two pilot seats, and necessary hardware for dual control trainer configuration pilot/co-pilot.
Fuselage Kit contains all wood (longerons, engine bearer, vertical &cross struts, and formers unfinished), metal components (fittings, spar boxes, and sternpost) bracing wire, and hardware (lugs, turnbuckles, and ferrules) to build a complete fuselage structure based on the original Sopwith drawings. Full scale, no welding required.
Wing Kit contains all the pre-assembled ribs & riblets, nosing, wing tips, trailing edge, spars, metal fittings (dipped in rust preventative paint), bracing wire, ferrules, turnbuckles, and hardware to assemble upper and lower wings and ailerons based on the original Sopwith drawings. No welding or painting of metal components required. Does not include fabric covering.
Tail Kit contains all wood (assembled ribs, riblets, & spar),  metal sockets & fittings, and other components including hardware required to assemble the horizontal stabilizer (empennage) and elevator. The vertical stabilizer and rudder are supplied as pre-assembled units. No welding or painting of metal components is required. Wood is not varnished.
Undercarriage Kit contains complete components including the left and right “V” struts (made of 1410 steel and primed), axle, axle fairings, wheels & tyres, tail skid, bungees, and hardware. No welding is required.
Strut Kit contains metal (4130 gauge steel) cabane and wood (Spruce) interplane struts with socket assemblies made of 1018 gauge steel and coated in rust-preventative black paint.  Cabane struts are primed to prevent rusting;  wood struts are ready to varnish.
Cowl & Panel Kit contains engine cowling, aluminum metal panels, rear undershield, and all access/inspection doors on the fuselage. Steel cables and hardware included. Metal panels come flat and should be fitted to your engine which require rivets for assembly.
All components are produced to original Sopwith specifications.

Kit comes crated, FOB Dallas, Texas, USA. Shipping charges are billed separately.

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