Custom Aero Parts

Small Batch Custom Part Manufacturing for Aero Industry

Distributor & Magneto Caps, Rotors, Coils & more

KipAero offers small batch manufacturing services to wholesale parts suppliers, airplane clubs, restoration shops and individuals.

Requirements: an original part in good condition to make the mold, minimum order quantity of ten units, documentation, and non-refundable deposit. Cost is determined by complexity, number of pieces, and condition of the original part. Timeframe is approximately 6-8 months or more depending on current backlog and complexity.

Examples are; distributor & magneto caps, rotors, rubber parts, lenses, metal castings & stampings, and other items. Please call to inquire (888) 243-0440 or use our contact page.

Magneto Cap for Splitdorf Dixie Model 800 on Hispano-Suiza V8 engines

Splitdorf Dixie Model 800 Magneto Cap for the Hispano-Suiza V8 engine