Sopwith Triplane

WWI Triplane Fighter Kit:

Our full-size Sopwith Triplane Kit contains period correct wood, metal fittings, cables, and hardware, ready-to-assemble. No welding required as our complex metal fittings are pre-assembled. Based on the original factory drawings, this single-seater, three winged aeroplane is the largest and most complex of all our kits.

What’s Included in Sopwith Triplane Kit?

The Sopwith Triplane is available as a complete kit, or as a series of sub-kits.

Sopwith Triplane KitFuselage Kit: Wooden longerons and cross-members, wire & cable, painted metal fittings and all hardware.

Wing Kit: Spruce spars and ribs, riblets, painted metal fittings, wire & cable plus hardware for three sets of wings.

Tail Kit: Wooden structure, stabilizers, rudder, elevators, wire & cable and all hardware. Components come pre-assembled and painted; no welding required.

Undercarriage Kit: Left and right undercarriage struts, axle fairing, wheels, axle, tail skid, bungees and hardware.

Strut Kit: Cabane and interplane struts with socket assemblies and hardware.

Cowl & Panel Kit: Engine cowling, fuselage metal panels and access doors complete with hardware.

Flight Controls Kit: Pulleys, cables, joy stick, rudder bar, airbrake controls, elevator controls, pilots’ seat and hardware.

Fuel Tank Kit: 60 gallon tank with straps and mounting hardware.

Oil Tank Kit: 10½ gallon metal tank with straps and mounting hardware.

Windscreen Kit: pilots’ windscreen and mounting hardware.

Complete Kit: All kits listed above priced as one. Includes instruction manual, a complete set of photocopied original drawings, and unlimited toll-free support from our customer service department.

What You Need:

At this time, the vintage enthusiast supplies the following items according to their preference.

  • Engine
  • Instrumentation
  • Flying wires
  • Fabric covering (originally, linen was used; there are several FAA approved synthetic coverings available).

Time Frame for Kit Assembly:

We estimate approximately 2,000 man hours are required for kit assembly. Assemble by yourself or with our assistance, or have the experts at KipAero assemble one for you.

Time Frame for Kit Arrival:

Although we inventory many of the metal fittings for these kits, most wood and other components will not be fabricated until receipt of your order. Please allow 4-6 months depending on back-log.

Questions? Please give us a call at (888) 243-0440 or use our contact page.

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